I wonder if I’m solar-powered!?

My favourite part of the day is first thing in the morning, when the sun is up, the air is clear and fresh and the birds are singing, it’s wonderful…. I just wish it didn’t have to start at 5am!

The sun comes blasting it’s way in to the bedroom (finding every little chink in the curtains to paint an abstract solar motif on my wall) and batters me to consciousness. Then I hang around for two hours trying to keep quiet (for the sake of family / friends / neighbours) until the rest of the world wakes up and we can start the day ‘properly’.

It’s no better the other end of the day – the sun slinks off somewhere else more important at a ridiculously early 9pm leaving me (having been awake since 5am) feeling like the day’s nearly over while the rest of the world has at least a couple of hours ‘party’ left in it.

Summer’s great – sunshine is wonderful – but, for my taste, our summer days get going about 2 hours too early!