WordPress here I come…

Wordpress logo

I’m learning how to use WordPress with the help of a great book from Packt publishing called WordPress 3 Complete.The plan is to build a new version of www.mattgallagher.uk alongside the existing site – hopefully without breaking anything… but if you come across any peculiarities in the site over the next few weeks, you’ll know I made a boo boo. Once I’ve taken all the risks with that site I’ll start work on the others

It’s not, you understand, that I have a problem with Blogger – it’s been brilliant for us – it’s just that we’re starting to outgrow the simple sites I’ve built for us (www.mattandhelengallagher.com / www.helengallagher.com / www.mattgallagher.uk) and now seems like the right time to put a new structure in place for us to grow into.

Watch this space for more in due course.