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Detling 2010 – Monday

The view from the bassline – day three at Detling 2010

It’s part of our fallen nature, our insecurity, to seek recognition and validation – the problem with this is that this kind of attention can be very fleeting and is often based on a very flimsy foundation. We see it all the time in our fame-obsessed culture (fueled by the endless stream of ‘reality TV’ shows promising winners fame and a life-changing opportunity) how quickly and easily we set people up as idols and then a few months later, when they’ve turned out to not to be worthy role models, tear them down again just as publicly.

Being a bass player married to a worship leader helps keep me from getting caught up in any sense of my own self-importance; folk recognise and greet my wife by name but rarely know who I am (ever so occasionally I’m tempted to introduce myself as Mr. Helen Gallagher, but I’m getting over it).

I’m learning that this is part of a process that each of us goes through in one way or another, learning that, as followers of Jesus, we need to have a better understanding of who we are in His eyes; to recognise that our worth to Him is not defined by how well we are known or how much what we do or who we are appears to be valued by other people.