I’ve had the privilege of being asked to play on a number of recordings over the years – here’s the list so far;

  • CD cover Rise Run Reign  Rise, Run Reign (Live From Detling 2010)
  • CD cover Nothing Is Impossible Nothing Is Impossible (Live From Detling 2009)
  • CD cover Detling In A Box Detling In A Box (A Celebration Of 10 Years Of Detling)

  • CD cover After God’s Own Heart After God’s Own Heart
    (Helen Gallagher Unplugged & Live)
  • CD cover Rhythms of Grace Rhythms Of Grace (Live From Detling 2007)
  • CD cover As It Is In Heaven As It Is In Heaven (Live From Detling 2006)
  • CD cover Return To The River Return To The River (Live From ‘The River’ At Detling 2004)
  • CD cover For The Sake Of The Lost For The Sake Of The Lost (Live From Detling 2003)
  • CD cover The River The River (Live From ‘The River’ At Detling 2002)
  • CD cover Your Kingdom Come Your Kingdom Come (Live From Detling 2002)
  • CD cover Let Every Step We Take Let Every Step We Take (Live From Detling 2001)
  • CD cover Holy Mountain Holy Mountain (Russ Hughes) Re-issue cover
  • CD cover Come Away With Me Come Away With Me (Live from Revival Fire conference 1998)

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