Hi, my name’s Matt Gallagher (though I also answer to ‘Matthew’*) and I love playing bass, songwriting and performing.

For as long as I can remember, music and in particular music in a church context, has been a part of my life and I’m so grateful for the encouragement I had from my parents, even through fitful attempts to learn the piano and flute.

Playing bass with my first bandWhen I was 18 I first got interested in bass guitar. I soon began to realise that for many years it had been the bottom (bass) end of music that I had been particularly aware of and it felt like, in the bass guitar, I’d finally found the instrument I was made to play.

I’ve been a bass guitarist in a variety of settings covering styles from contemporary church worship through to the usual function-band 1960’s-to-date rock / pop / jazz / disco / dance fare. I play four and five string (fretted and fretless) basses and over the last few years I’ve started to experiment with electric upright bass and, having been first introduced to ‘looping’ by Steve Lawson I’ve started to experiment with different sounds and loops and am in danger of passing the bug on to my lovely wife, Helen.

Playing bass for a wedding in St. Luke'sAt the moment I’m most often seen (heard and felt) playing bass as part of the worship team at St. Luke’s, Maidstone (my local church) and have been privileged to play in the worship band at the Detling Summer Celebration since 2000. I’ve also played on a number of albums (including those recorded live from Detling).

I also enjoy song-writing with Helen, when other commitments spare us enough time, and you can find more information about that on here.

When not playing bass I am part of the team at St. Luke’s where I oversee the administrative and day to day operations of the church.

Helen and I have many years experience as musicians and; in a church context; as worship team members and leaders. We are often invited to visit churches in the UK and abroad to lead and speak about worship. I often find it helpful to be able to bring to that not only my experience in the worship context but also the perspective of a member of the church leadership team.
We don’t claim to be experts or to have all the answers… but we love to share from our experiences (and mistakes) as all of us continue to learn together…

Feel free to explore the site or get in touch – there are various ways we can connect,

thanks for looking.

Bassist, songwriter, blogger and teacher