Opposing change

Someone bought me a Dilbert desk calendar for Christmas last year and I’ve been enjoying the occasionally freakishly apt cartoons it’s presented me with each day.

A recent page (which, for as long as this link works at least, you can see here) shows the pointy-haired boss (PHB) encouraging Asok-the-intern not to be afraid of change. Asok suspects that PHB is suggesting that he should become more like him and rejects the notion exclaiming passionately, “I choose death!”.


It’s clear from the cartoon that the change being promoted is not an appealing one, so it’s hardly surprising that it meets a strongly negative reaction …but it struck me that there might be a risk of getting so used to fearing change (especially if past experience has been of painful or hurtful transitions) that clinging passionately to the status quo could develop into an automatic response. Such a habit could become so ingrained that we might miss out on an opportunity to experience something significantly better just because it’s different.

What a tragedy that would be!

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