Throwing open the stable door

Empty Nativity StableI may have missed something, but it seems like part of the rationale for the idea of lowering the UK age of consent to 15 (reported in November last year) is that lots of teenagers aged 15 are having sex anyway but by making it legal they could more easily access health advice and support…

This seems a similar logic to the proposal that certain classes of drugs be legalised

I recently heard a comment from someone that finally being able to talk publicly about something that was supposed to be confidential would at least put an end to the steady trickle of leaks and gossip we’d been enduring…

I get where these ideas are coming from, but honestly, they actually seem like a series of exercises in missing the point. This kind of logic applied to national security would have us simply broadcast our secrets as an effective counter-espionage technique (since our enemies are discovering some of them) or tip all the water out of a leaky bucket (because it’s slowly draining away already), or presumably equally valid, hack a hole in the hull of a leaky lifeboat (since water’s coming IN already, anyway)!

Perhaps instead we should identify and address the root causes of under-age sex, use of controlled substances and, yes, gossip – and let’s be honest, for most of us the biggest of these problems and one that we face the consequences of every single day is the last and not either of the other two!

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