Updating a pedalboard

I’ve talked before about my adventures in cycling, recycling (and re-recycling) effects units and the trail that’s taken me from effects pedals all the way through to rack units and back again…

But I realised that I never finished bringing the journey-so-far up-to-date…

A fairly short while after I reported purchasing a Line6 M9 I spoke to the friendly and helpful folk at a great local flight-case company (The Flight Case Company). They do a great range of four off-the-shelf boards, but I wanted a custom sized board built with light-weight board so after a couple of conversations over the phone I was able to place an online orderand was able to collect it just a few days later. I’m delighted with it – it’s everything I expected and I’d gladly recommend them.

In tomorrow’s post I’ll tell you about a trick I picked up that I used putting the board contents together.


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