Marketing #Fail

Thumbs down iconI recently received a number of postcards at work from the administrators of a charity support scheme, let’s call them ‘company A’, promoting the availability of a new product (made by a third party, let’s call them ‘company B’).

I contacted ‘company A’ to find out more, only to discover that ‘company B’ has attached some conditions to the availability of their products and that, unfortunately, the charity I work for was not eligible to receive them through this scheme.

I don’t have a problem with either ‘company A’ (who are faithfully running their scheme according to the guidelines they’ve been given) or ‘company B’ (who can attach whatever conditions they like to the sale of their products – even through schemes supporting charities)…

But you’d think someone at ‘company A’ would use their database to save them from wasting money promoting a product to customers who are not eligible to buy it…


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