Ancient wisdom for today (28)

August 28th 2012, Day 28, Proverbs 28

“The wicked are edgy with guilt, ready to run off even when no-one’s after them; Honest people are relaxed and confident, bold as lions.” Proverbs 28:1 (The Message)

The story is told (and attributed variously to Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle – and also in a tale referred to as The Six Curates of Cornerton) that someone once sent a telegram saying, “All is discovered; flee at once!” to an apparently innocent individual …who promptly vanished and was never heard from again.

I guess today’s proverb is a warning about the cost of living with a guilty conscience, the nagging fear of being exposed. Fortunately the answer to this problem is also found within the chapter I read on this day in the month,

“You can’t whitewash your sins and get by with it; you find mercy by admitting and leaving them.” Proverbs 28:13 (The Message)

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