Ancient wisdom for today (22)

August 22nd 2012, Day 22, Proverbs 22

“A prudent person sees trouble coming and ducks; a simpleton walks in blindly and gets clobbered” Proverbs 22: 3 (The Message)

This is another of my favourites – and the sad thing is I see it happen again and again and it’s actually heartbreaking when you’ve tried to help someone else avoid trouble but they’ve blundered on anyway!

But yes, sometimes I am the one that gets clobbered and I’m trying to learn to duck more often!

I don’t think I’ve ever quite managed to do this yet though…

With years of experience playing bass in a wide range of situations a dear friend once said that if you were to cut me in half you'd find the word 'bass' written all the way through - yes I know that's so cliche - but that doesn't make it any less true! Like so many people I have more than one 'day' job - but most of my work-time these days is spent working for Interconnected Solutions.

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