Ancient wisdom for today (2)

August 2nd 2012, Day 2, Proverbs 2

“Tune your ears to wisdom; set your heart on a life of understanding.” Proverb 2:2 (The Message)

One of the phrases you hear quite a lot in career-development circles is the idea of ‘Lifelong Learning’ the UK Government’s National Careers Service even has a service Lifelong Learning service, a place where, among other things, you can record your ‘learning record’ and get help drawing up a CV online.

I remember as I was growing up there was a lot of talk about ‘commonsense’ and, in particular, the lack of it among the ‘younger generation’ – and yet most of the people I was hearing this said of (including, on ocassion – you won’t be surprised to hear, me) were privileged to be on the receiving end of an awful lot of education.

That suggests to me that a life of learning is not the same thing as a life of understanding, the former is about the acquisition of information the second about application of information.

I think Lifelong learning is a great idea, providing we pursue wisdom and understanding with at least as much determination (if not more) than we expend in our pursuit of knowledge and information.

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