Ancient wisdom for today (18)

August 18th 2012, Day 18, Proverbs 18

“Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy; do you really want that junk in your belly?” Proverbs 18: 8 (The Message)

Have you ever been disappointed by something that appeared on the wrapper to be chocolate, only to discover when you looked more closely (probably in a effort to discover why the taste was so disappointing) that it actually said ‘chocolate flavoured’?

I think today’s proverb proverbs is talking about that experience… ‘juicy’ gossip promises an exciting taste but never delivers on it.

It’s tempting to feel that you are privileged to possess ‘inside’ information about something, but when that’s ‘information’ about someone all it does is sour your relationship with them – and the more you spread gossip on, the sourer your relationships will become.

Whether the gossip turns out to be true or not; you’re better off not listening to it – but even if you can’t escape it you’ll be better off if you choose not to pass it on!

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