Ancient wisdom for today (16)

August 16th 2012, Day 16, Proverbs 16

“Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word” Proverbs 16: 1 (The Message)

Have you ever had that experience when you can see a situation developing and you start working out what your next move is …and the next …and the one after that in order to put yourself in the place you want to be when the unavoidable happens – only to have something completely unexpected occur and the whole chain-of-probability collapse?

On the one hand you could say that wasn’t an exercise in futility because our minds are designed to work that way and we’re all, constantly (and for the most part subconsciously) plotting strategies to adapt to anticipated events – and on the other hand, you might observe that too much of this kind of thinking ties up your mind in ‘what-if’ scenarios and worry so that you miss out on good things that are happening!

As so often, I think there’s a balance to be found – and I think today’s proverb encourages us be mindful, as we invest time and energy into our elaborate plans, that things often don’t turn out as we expect them to; God (or if you prefer; life / fate / karma) often has a surprise for us!

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