Celebrity culture in the church

“Pursuing the Presence of God: The Journey of a Worshipper”
I’m reading ‘this book’ by Chris & Jennie Orange at the moment and they say some interesting things about our culture.
They observe that our culture is so ‘saturated and obsessed with celebrity status’ that people ‘feel the need to throw (them)selves forward in case they are not discovered’

Since in this context the whole point of the worship band is to facilitate members of the congregation connecting with the One they’re gathered together to worship – the last thing you want is musicians who are seeking to elevate themselves and ‘be noticed.’
Our attitude should be the same as that of John ‘the baptist’ reported in John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less”

It seems to me that though our culture encourages people to aspire to celebrity status we do very little to prepare those same people to handle it. My observation is that one thing our media culture delights in (even more so than discovering and elevating the next new celebrity) is discovering their secret flaws and using them to pull them down.
This aspect of the culture around us is not something we want to be ‘playing to’ in the very setting where the notion that we are ‘made to worship, not be worshipped’, should be most truly displayed.

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