Where did the water go?

Bird drinking from a water tap

Crisis strikes – there’s no water for a cup of tea!

It happened once before, a year or so ago, I got up one morning, turned on the tap to fill the kettle for a morning brew (my Dear Lady Wife will not stir from unconsciousness without a cup of tea) and nothing came out.

In the event normal supply was resumed after a few of hours – but in that time we’d toured a number of local shops trying to track down a few bottles of water just so we could make a drink and take care of the normal essentials of life.

I was stunned that day to discover what I’d begun to ponder during the last few power cuts; the layer of civilisation on which our society is built is very thin and very fragile.

We are so comfortable by comparison with other people in the world, which is why I think the work of organisations like WaterAid (in both reminding me and helping me to contribute towards making a difference) are so valuable. So many of life essentials are delivered conveniently to our homes that I think we easily forget how much energy, time and effort goes into providing those essentials…

Plastic bottles of water on the kitchen table

What would we have done if water had been off for a day, or a week? How would we cook, drink …and flush the loo!

So yes, it happened again over night – we returned home from being out yesterday evening and our taps failed to deliver…. hopefully it will be back on later today – but if not, we might pop round for a hot drink.

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  1. Updated 8th December due to failure in quality control – who’d have thought a missing ” could cause so much text to make so little sense!

    Updated again at 7pm on 8th December. Lovely to have the running water actually running again. Surprisingly appreciative of simple things I normally take for granted this evening!

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