November is too early for Christmas

“Christmas tree sighted (and sited) in store on 1st November”.A Christmas Tree in the foyer of a supermarket

I don’t blame shopkeepers for wanting to make a decent living, and I recognise, with an uncomfortable shudder, the commercial necessity (and mentality) that hastily swaps in and out so-called ‘seasonal’ products as the weeks of the year roll by.
Of course the business reasoning behind it views this as their way of providing us with the best possible service; their aim – to have on-hand the very products that we want to buy…

One of the local branches of a global-chain supermarket has been particularly quick-off-the-mark this year – though I did note that they seemed to be ignoring fireworks altogether this year (not an altogether bad thing in my view) – by putting up their first Christmas decorations on 1st November.
The person who served me in the store told me that they’d actually put the tree (see picture) and other decorations up the day before – presumably when they took out the halloween stuff. Rather aptly, my gut reaction on seeing the Christmas tree so early was one of horror!
Honestly, if I didn’t know (with a horrible sinking feeling in my heart) that they’ll all be at it by now, this would be enough to make me shop elsewhere…

I get that Christmas is a big deal for retailers but I don’t want the commercialisation of this special season thrust on me so blatantly so very, very early!

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