Trick or Treat or…

I’d prefer to be able to make an alternative choice…

I know that for lots of folk ‘Halloween’ is just a harmless bit of ‘ghoulish’ fun while, for many others, anything ‘ghoulish’ is no laughing matter at all.

No trick or treat here pleaseI personally don’t like all the imagery that goes with this particular ‘festival’ and I don’t like the recent trend for encouraging children to dress up like extras from a budget horror movie and then go round knocking on doors challenging anyone who answers with the rather limited choice between “trick” or “treat”.

For the last few years I’ve been out of the house on the evening of 31st October at All Saints Praise in Canterbury Cathedral (an event aimed at celebrating the evening before All Hallows / All Saints day).

I guess anyone knocking on my door those evenings might have assumed that I was simply choosing not to answer the door. Nevertheless, on each occasion, daylight the next morning revealed a fresh ‘decoration’ of eggs and/or flour on my car and house – implying that in my absence a choice was assumed!

Whatever your personal thoughts about halloween are, I think everyone should be able to make their own choice without fear of the consequences… and the choice to ‘opt out’ should both be offered and honoured!

With years of experience playing bass in a wide range of situations a dear friend once said that if you were to cut me in half you'd find the word 'bass' written all the way through - yes I know that's so cliche - but that doesn't make it any less true! Like so many people I have more than one 'day' job - but most of my work-time these days is spent working for Interconnected Solutions.

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  1. Hey Matt

    I totally agree bro and whats even more worrying is what these kids are picking up in the spirit realm and how they are being desensitized to the occult. Witchcraft is an abomination and detestable to God but it is exactly this spirit that leads to people causing vandalism and damage to other people’s property. All I can suggest is to pray for angelic protection for your home, something I do daily anyway!

    Blessings to you bro, hope all is well at St Luke’s and look forward to catching up with everyone over Christmas.


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