Tribute in Lights from NYC site of WTCTen years ago this morning I was working from home with the BBC News program on the TV in the background.

I remember glancing up and seeing a ‘breaking news’ report of what appeared at the time to have been a terrible accidental plane crash in New York.

Shortly thereafter the news included live footage of the fire at the World Trade Centre and I remember watching, first in shock the footage of a second impact, then in stunned silence at first tower collapsing… finally in horror contemplating the inevitablity of the second collapse…

Much has been said in the media about the events of that day over the last ten years, some of it wise, compassionate and thoughtful. I won’t presume to add to it – but, remembering the impact of those events on me personally, viewed remotely from so far away, I couldn’t let the day go by without expressing my thoughts and prayers for those who lost family and friends on that day and in other related events since then.


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