Dear charity collection company…

Just how much unwanted clothing do you think I own?

I don’t know what it’s like round your way, but most days I get at least one little printed plastic bag through my door imploring me to donate my unwanted clothing to help blind / terminally ill / sick and disabled / cruelly mistreated children.

At one point a ‘friend’ suggested that it might be some smart aleck making a very passive aggressive comment on my taste in clothing, but I’ve been at home when enough of these bags get delivered to see that my house (and therefore wardrobe) is not being specifically targeted.

Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to see children (or indeed any person) suffering and I gladly do my bit to support a variety of charities – but really, just how many items of unwanted clothing do you think I have?

However, all is not lost – I have a suggestion that you might want to take a chance on before some other enterprising person beats you too it!

What you really should try collecting is unwanted ‘unwanted clothing collection’ bags – I bet you could fill hundreds of vans with those!

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