Challenged unexpectedly…

“It has been said that it is impossible to forgive a man who deliberately hurts you for the sole purpose of destroying your or lowering you. If this be true you have but one hope: to see this unfair hurt as coming by the permission of God for the purpose of lifting your stature above that place where formerly you stood”

Some while ago, on the recommendation of a friend, I read a book by Gene Edwards (A Tale of Three Kings) and was very impacted by it – so much so that I picked up another of his books, The Prisoner in the Third Cell, but haven’t got around to reading it until I idly flicked through it this morning.

The quote at the head of this piece comes from one of the opening pages and seemed strangely appropriate as I read not only the ongoing news report about the recent death of Osama Bin Laden but also the various comments and views from people around the world on social media.

To be clear, I do not presume to use it as a measure to judge others who have suffered personally or lost loved ones in a terrorist atrocity, but confess that I find it challenging personally…


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