Trying to find where you fit in?

Why not start from the centre and then work outwards?

A recent BBC News item reported that,

A Taiwanese forensic expert has worked a full week – day and night – piecing together hundreds of banknotes, after a factory owner put them in a shredder.

It reported that Liu Hiu-fen, “…was given 200 banknotes …each shredded into tiny pieces” adding that she had started by locating the Chinese character “guo”, or country, on each note and then worked outwards. She was also reported as saying she was so happy whenever she was able to put a piece into it’s right place.

I wonder how many of us, when we’re trying to our own ‘right place’ make the mistake of starting on the outside – trying to find a place that we think will suit us – a place that we think we should belong in and should meet all our needs – and then try to work inwards – doing all we can to make the place fit us (and probably getting very frustrated when it turns out not to be quite the comfortable fit it’s supposed to be).

Maybe a better approach would be to start in the middle, with us – find out who we’re supposed to be and what we have to offer  and then work outwards from there until we find a place that we fit, a place that we can both contribute to and receive from…

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