Is good news bad news?

I’ve had enough of news media only reporting bad stories.
It’s sad but I think news media deliberately goes out looking for all the miserable things that are going on so they can really depress us, then they try to distract us

  • either by putting together an artificial mix of people that includes at least two specially chosen for the probability that they will provoke and irritate each other, stick the whole group together in a contrived situation and then call it ‘reality TV’
  • or by drawing our attention repeatedly to ‘pointless’ stories. For example, on the day that the news was full of the death of Paul (an octopus in an aquarium in Germany) there was passing mention of hundreds of anonymous people being killed in a tsunami in Indonesia.

The author of this article suggests that we like bad news stories because bad news makes us feel good and good news often makes us feel bad. I hope that social media may be beginning to change this.

The Daily Telegraph published a story on 21st July under the headline, “Average household bill higher than average salary”. In the same story they report that the typical Briton earns an annual salary of £23,244, which after tax only leaves them with £1,497 each month
By comparison, indicates that someone earning £23,244 a year is in the top 2.3% of richest people in the world.

Earn less than that?

  • £20,000 puts you in the top 4%
  • £15,000 in the top 9%
  • £10,000 in the top 12%
  • £5,000 in the top 15%
  • £1,000 per year still puts you in the top 20%

It’s all a matter of perspective.

I’ll never forget hearing Simon Guillebaud from Great Lakes Outreach talking about the situation in Burundi and saying that although western folk were so very rich by comparison a proper response was not to feel guilty but to be grateful.

I don’t know about you but I think gratitude is a more healthy response; one more likely to motivate me to try to make a difference… just imagine how much more fun the world would be if we regained a sense of gratitude.

I’m not into ‘New Year’ resolutions but I have been challenged to try to be more grateful for the blessings I receive.

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