Detling 2010 – Tuesday

The view from the bassline – day four at Detling 2010

Last year at Detling I had one of the most moving experiences I can remember (it still impacts me deeply to remember it a year on).

During one afternoon seminar session the band were talking with those who were interested about some of the practical aspects of what we do. Down at the front of the venue, to the left of the stage (as viewed from the back), was a section for deaf people and during a question and answer session one deaf lady asked through the sign-language interpreter what instrument was making the vibration she could feel when we were playing – and we realised that it must be the bass!
I was blown away to realise that, playing my bass as part of a team seeking to help create an environment in which people can express their worship to God, I was being granted the privilege of being able to reach out to a group of people who otherwise couldn’t ‘hear’ what we were doing!

If something like that can happen purely in the physical environment then I am certain that we’ve only just begun to understand the power of what can happen as we worship God.
Who knows how many ways each one of us may be impacting the people around us all the time, without even noticing it! My prayer for each one of us is that the impact we have on others would be a positive, life affirming one that shares something of Christ, of His kingdom

With years of experience playing bass in a wide range of situations a dear friend once said that if you were to cut me in half you'd find the word 'bass' written all the way through - yes I know that's so cliche - but that doesn't make it any less true! Like so many people I have more than one 'day' job - but most of my work-time these days is spent working for Interconnected Solutions.