What’s the big deal about fame?

In 2 Samuel 23 (and 1 Chronicles 11) we read of King David’s warriors – these are a group of men who fought for David some of them both before and after (1 Chron 11: 10) he became King. They are singled out for special mention, by name. These names are arranged in two groups, one of which is known as ‘The Thirty’. In both passages Asahel, the brother of Joab, is listed as one of the ‘Thirty’.

In 2 Samuel 2, before David became King, we read of a skirmish between some of David’s men and Saul’s men in which Asahel is killed. We also read in verse 30 that besides Asahel 19 others were missing.

When I read this recently I figured this meant that they were ‘missing presumed dead’ and I began to think about the many anonymous faithful followers of God through the ages – folk who may never have done anything that was significant enough in human eyes for for their names to be included in any records that survive for us today. But the Bible teaches us that God judges us by different standards, he looks on our hearts and knows and weighs our motives as well as our words and deeds.

Whether people hold you up as a hero or simply pass you by, rest assured that our Father is not so interested in how ‘famous’ we are on earth – better that Heaven knows who you are than the whole earth!