Looking forward to Detling 2010

Why these kind of events are like a lightning strike!

Photograph of lightning hitting a tree
Lightning hits tree
When a lightning strike occurs air between the cloud and the ground starts to become ionized and forming channels through which the electric current can flow. These channels don’t form all at once, but in sections (which is why lightning strikes often seem to follow a zig-zag route through the air).

As well as forming from the cloud down towards the ground they can also form upwards from the ground (towards the sky). It all happens so fast that it’s only visible with high speed filming.

These downward channels (called stepped leaders) are visible as the branching lines in the sky but the upward channels (called positive streamers) are also sometimes visible. You can just see a positive streamer that failed to connect to a downward step-leader in the bottom left hand corner of this photo from Wikipedia.

When a stepped leader meets a positive streamer a path is formed and a lightning strike occurs!

That’s why I love what happens when we get together for events like Detling Summer Celebration – our expectation and faith is raised to a higher level than we experience (at the moment) day to day and it’s as if in those moments, by reaching out to God together in this way, we create a kind of spiritual ‘positive streamer’ that invites Him to connect with us in a very powerful way.

See you there!

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