No ‘aye Pad’ for me

Why I think I’ll be saying, “no” to the iPad.
I’ve seen all the excitement over the Apple iPad and the usual slew of folk posting about how wonderful it is and how they were among the first to pre-order it.

I agree with them, kind of; it does look nice – Apple seem to have nailed design at the moment (the new iPhone and Mac Mini look great too!) and the iPad seems to take the iPhone OS (which incidentally I really like) on to another level.

The iPhone, for me, redefined smartphones – I used to love my Palm PDA (RIP) and never saw the appeal or need for a device that combined that with a mobile phone but I eventually succumbed and bought (and love) my iPhone.

The drawback with the iPhone is that I want to use it for a little more – for instance, I tried to write this blog post on it, but gave up in frustration with the small display / tiny onscreen keypad – it’s great for short posts (Tweats etc.) but this was just too frustrating. I gave up after the second paragraph).

This is where I thought the iPad might come into it’s own – it seems to me like a cross between a tablet PC and a netbook running a cut-down operating system.

I can’t see the point of a tablet PC – if I wanted a device that big I think I would prefer a small laptop. I do see the appeal of a smaller device, like a netbook, but I’m not so keen on device running a cut-down operating system – that limits the software you can run on it.

Nevertheless, knowing Apple’s reputation for creating ground-breaking new devices, I was hoping the iPad would prove to be a laptop / netbook killer – especially since it will apparently link to a bluetooth keyboard.
But for me the iPad fails in one significant respect – it’s just too big – I want something around A5 size – at it’s current size the iPad is ‘laptop’ portable, not ‘paperback’ portable.

So given that #fail, I’m stuck having to think about what I would use an iPad for; why I would want one… and I’m not really finding an answer.

Sorry Apple, but if I’m having to reach like that then the iPad isn’t meeting a need I have – it’s answering a question I’m not asking; so I’ll have to say no!

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