Blog infinitum?

Following on from my last blog post, “Art infinitum?” and just to prove a point, I’ve been mulling over my last blog entry further and have some more to say!

(Not, you understand that I suffer from a sad delusion that my blog is a work of art – just that having finished and put that last entry ‘out there’ I learned that I’d not managed to say all that I wanted or needed to say on the subject)

Sometimes we create simply out of the joy (or even the necessity) of creating – there are no set goals or objectives in mind (other than the act of producing something) but other times we create with a particular purpose in mind.

That purpose might be to complete a particular task, to produce a commissioned work or communicate a particular message to a known audience. In that context, I guess, the ‘perfect’ piece of work is one that successfully completes the task, produces the commissioned work to the satisfaction of the one who commissioned it or communicates the message faithfully to the desired audience.

In either case, I doubt whether the creative part of us would be completely satisfied with what we have created …but if specific goals or objectives were set at the outset and they have been fully completed then I suppose we could (and indeed should) declare that work finished!

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